Robotics R&D Engineer – Feb. 2017

Robotics R&D Engineer – Feb. 2017


Published on 27/02/2017

3 Avenue Didier Daurat

Job types:

Job categories: Robotics Engineering


Required skills: 

● Deep expertise of mobile robotics in some of the following topics: Physics of sensors, hardware architectures, computing platforms, software architectures; Signal and image processing, obstacle detection, localisation, control, path planning

● Proficiency in C++, preferably in Modern C++. Working in a ROS-based Linux environment.

● Hands-on experience with at least another programming languages of your choice.

● Professional experience building and deploying commercial robotics systems.

● Experience working in a distributed fashion, with remote locations (nice to have, but definite plus).

● Awareness of XP and Lean Startup concepts and practices (nice to have, but definite plus).

● Very good oral and written English.


Our vision is that autonomous vehicles will be ubiquitous within a few years. They will make the roads safe. They will solve congestion and air quality issues in urban zones. They will enable people with disabilities. They will improve productivity and working conditions in agriculture and heavy industry. In short, they will push mankind forward.

Our Mission: We founded EasyMile in 2014 to turn our vision into reality by providing turnkey, packaged software solutions for a wide range of driverless or autonomous vehicles and the needs to manage the fleets of such vehicles.

Our Company: EasyMile is a well-funded rapidly growing startup, headquartered in Toulouse (France), with offices in Paris, Singapore and Denver. We’re also building our own vehicle, an autonomous electric shuttle called the EZ-10 both the hardware and the software stack. We have a very simple talent acquisition policy: “we’re always recruiting”. We do not hesitate to create a position when we are fortunate enough to receive unsolicited applications from exceptionally talented candidates.

How our R&D is organised: We provide a dynamic, stimulating environment, with interesting and high impact technical and societal challenges. We are organised around a highly adaptable structure built for agility and reactivity: a multidisciplinary talent pool of first class engineers where self-selecting feature teams are created and dissolved for each feature and as required by each feature to be delivered — the lifespan of these teams is generally in order of a few days to a few weeks, while a few highly specific features might require months of work. We provide and expect autonomy, initiative, proactivity along with responsibility and accountability to and from all our team members. We currently are spread across two regions: Toulouse, France and Singapore.


In our team, you will be responsible for delivering core features of our software stack with minimal supervision and management involved. More specifically, you will also take an active part in all the tasks required to improve our perception, navigation and localisation software, including but not limited to researching, implementing, testing and validating existing or new algorithms for the real world. Building a commercial solution, with real clients and real world issues is a huge challenge, but also an exhilarating one. You must commit to this objective and be ready to get out of the lab into the field and make sure your contributions actually pass the reality test.

The R&D Engineer Responsibilities

● Ensure the features as defined in the product roadmaps are delivered according to their priorities and plans. Tip: you can and should influence the roadmap, like everybody else.

● We expect that you can dedicate 50 to 60% of your time to contributing production, high-quality code, while the rest will most probably be spent on researching and implementing prototypes.

● Ensure that our software is built with an appropriate level of quality, and that the internal requirements in terms of traceability, code quality through coding conventions, static analysis, automated testing and deployment and finally documentation are met.


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