Postdoc: Multi-MAV Formation Control for Interactive Operations

Postdoc: Multi-MAV Formation Control for Interactive Operations


Profil required: Automation, robotic
Contract type: CDD 12 months – 18 months
Rémuneration: in line with experience, around 2200 gross
Workplace: Laboratory of Autonomous Aerial Systems @ IPSA (Laboratoire de Systèmes Aériens Autonomes).

Key words: Multi-MAV operation, nonlinear control, dynamic modeling, observers, experimental platforms, aerial interactivity.

In recent years, the development of fully autonomous vehicles for interactive tasks has received great attention from research and industrial sector worldwide. The aim of this position is to address the aerial formation towards autonomous grasping and transportation based on a fleet of micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) equipped with robotic interactive means. For this purpose, it is expected the proposition of novel control laws, navigation strategies, as well as novel interactive robotic means.
The proposed postdoctoral fellowship will reinforce the micro-aeronautics (u-aeronautics) group. Specifically, the postdoctoral fellow will evolve within the laboratory of autonomous aerial systems at IPSA. It is also expected that the postdoctoral fellow conduct a preliminary experimental stage (proof-of-concept benchmark) to validate the proposed guidance/navigation/control (GNC) strategies. During the postdoctoral fellowship the candidate will be involved in the laboratory’s current projects and collaborations (L2S, IBISC-Evry, AS2M FEMTO-ST and Biorobotics-IMS-AMU).

Candidate Profile
Prospective candidates should hold a Ph.D. in control systems (nonlinear control, observers, robust control) and/or robotics (mobile robots), or a closely related field. It is also appreciated the experience in experimental benchmark implementation. The candidates should also have excellent verbal and writing skills in English, and should be motivated and capable of creatively working in a team environment.

To apply, please send a CV, a cover letter and the contact details of 3 references to Juan-Antonio ESCARENO ( before October 30th, 2017.

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