CEO of UV-Disinfection Company, a spin out company of Blue Ocean Robotics

CEO of UV-Disinfection Company, a spin out company of Blue Ocean Robotics


At Blue Ocean Robotics we create and commercialise robots. We apply robot technology to create solutions and innovation for end-users and new businesses in partnerships.

In close collaboration with Odense University Hospital and the Danish Sygehuspartnerskabet we have developed the UV-Disinfection robot as an assisting tool in modern healthcare to limit readmissions, increase patient safety and limit the spread of vira like MRSA, E. Coli, and Mers-CoV. The solution is developed to fulfill national healthcare goals.

Bacteria, vira, and other harmful organic materials are a growing problem and are of significant cost to the modern healthcare sector. Cleaning and disinfection are costly operations, and patient safety can furthermore be severely damaged in cases of multi-resistant bacteria spread. The UV-Disinfection Robot ensures a cost-efficient and effective measure in limiting bacterial spread.

The UV-Disinfection Robot is a mobile disinfection robot that disinfects through a powerful UV-C light. It drives autonomously when called upon by hospital personnel. Its innovative AMR platform enables it to drive safely through corridors. The robot’s maneuverability enables removal of shadow effects and intense focus on specific infection hotspots such as tables, handles, and sinks. The robot can easily be utilized in production environments. The robot is developed to provide a user-friendly and flexible disinfection tool to support disinfection procedures in the modern healthcare and production sector.

The robot disinfection solution has been clinically approved to disinfect at log3 level. Approximate room treatment time is 10-15 minutes.

The ideal candidate

We are looking for a CEO with the right mix of competence, network and experience such as

  • Proven sales experience from providing technical solutions to hospitals in Denmark and internationally
  • Management experience and understanding of building a company from an early stage to a growth stage.
  • A background enabling technical interaction with customers on the product and how to deploy the product.

In addition we expect you to bring some of the following experience and characteristics:

  • You hold a degree in a relevant discipline of business administration or technical background such as robotics, micro-biology or epidemiology
  • You are using IT tools such as SCRUM or other similar tools to work efficiently and planned
  • You are an experienced presenter of products and finds it natural to promote products through many channels including exhibitions, social media, e-mail campaigns and similar
This is what we offer

At Blue Ocean Robotics we have an international working environment. Different nationalities and cultures are represented in an incredible desire and eagerness to develop the best and most value-creating robots to a global market. We respect each other and our differences. We take pride in integrating expat colleagues in collaboration with Blue Ocean roboticsOdense RoboticsWork in Denmark and the International Community Odense.

UV-DR Company has a startup spirit which is second to none. We are fast-paced, super dynamic and have a flat work hierarchy. We have high expectations for each other and take great pride in creating the world’s best robot solution for hospitals and day care. Check out some of your new colleagues from Blue Ocean Robotics, whom you will work closely together with:

UV-DR Company offers the right candidate an attractive salary and incentive package based on qualifications. The incentive package will also include a possibility to co-invest in the company.

For further information regarding the position, please don’t hesitate to contact Partner & CO-CEO John Erland Østergaard, via email: Also, make sure to follow our latest news on Linkedin.

We need you to start as soon as possible, so please do not wait with submitting your application and CV.

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