Our goal is to automate existing wine-growing machines. Our vehicles are therefore capable of performing the same tasks as their equivalent conventional machine.

Mechanical weeding is time-consuming and delicate. It is simplified by the use of stand-alone machines, which have a slower reaction time. Thanks to its high tractive power and its hydraulic outputs, you can mount any tools on this machine.

Grass strips are more and more used to improve the biodiversity of our vineyards. However, its maintenance is more tedious. We therefore have the possibility of mounting a mower in the front of the vehicle. It enables to properly maintain these strips of grass. You can even optimize your time by mounting other tools.

Cleanse your vines by aerating them thanks to the spring leaf stripping. This also improves the effectiveness of anti-botrytis products. Finally, leaf removal can also be done before harvesting to facilitate the work of seasonal workers.

We are working in collaboration with the CIVC (Interprofessional Committee of the Wine of Champagne) on the Plumecoq domain to conduct autonomous phytosanitary treatment trials.

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Last modified: Oct. 11, 2017