TIBOT technologies

TIBOT technologies

Sputnic is the result of two years of joint research by engineers and poultry farmers, supported by specialists in animal behavior.

By circulating randomly in the hen house, Sputnic moves the poultry and causes them to lay eggs in the nest box. By lowering the numbers of eggs laid in the litter, Sputnic automatically helps reduce the harrowing work of collecting decommissioned eggs.
In the case of the breeding of flesh, the regular animation of the batch favors the natural activity and the weight gain. Because they move more, chickens are healthier and require less antibiotics.

Sputnic is easy to use, requires no installation or specific configuration. All terrain and compact size, it goes under the feed chains and works on unplanned litters. The battery is rechargeable on a mains socket allowing the robot to work 8 hours a day in slow, intermediate or fast speed depending on the batches.

Developed in collaboration with specialists in robot-animal interactions, the robot produces sound and luminous stimuli that avoid the habituation of poultry to the presence of the robot without any detrimental effect on their behavior.
Sputnic is sealed with ammonia, dust and water.

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Last modified: Oct. 11, 2017