HOOMANO, a Lyon start-up that is a leader on its market, has been creating software for social robots like Pepper and Nao (Softbank Robotics), Buddy (Blue Frog Robotics) and Heasy (Hease Robotics) for 3 years. What is the aim? To enable increasingly intuitive interaction between robots and their users through “Powered by Hoomano” technology.

On Monday 9 October, following several selection phases, Hoomano took home the Start-Up Trophy in the “Artificial Intelligence” category at the awards ceremony for this first-ever event organized by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

Its visionary founder, Xavier Basset, explained how robots can entertain senior citizens at retirement homes or help children to learn, and how a wide range of practical uses are being tested in various sectors thanks to Hoomano’s customers. After adding a new artificial intelligence laboratory at the beginning of 2017, the company is making constant headway in understanding the interaction between humans and robots, with the aim of making this new form of communication increasingly fluent.

Thanks to this award and the spotlight it shines on the start-up’s innovations, Hoomano – which has offices in Lyon and Tokyo – will receive customized funding from the Region and its partners.

Hoomano will go with Innorobo to IREX (International Robotics Exhibition), one of the largest robotics trade shows in Tokyo, Japan from November 29th to December 2nd.

In the company of Big Robot, Terabee, and Robonumérique of Saint Quentin / Hauts de France, they will participate in shining French innovations and economic dynamics in robotics and AI.

You are French and you also go to IREX: let us know!

Contact us at this address: contact@innorobo.com and make an appointment on our stand in the land of the rising sun!


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