How media are fostering fear on robots and jobs

How media are fostering fear on robots and jobs

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By Innorobo

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When the topic should be to CREATE A POSITIVE SOCIETAL VISION  where robotics and amazing new technologies (biotech, nanotech, quantum computing, to name a few) positively transform our societal organization as a whole and are built at the service of both people and the planet, media keep on acting on our fears and not on our creative imagination or foresight skills. How come a simple reduction in a tax incentive in favor of automation becomes “the first tax on robots because they will kill our jobs”.

South Korea has the highest density of robots in the world (number of robots per 10.000 workers) and is among the top 5 worldwide innovative countries in robotics. Its unemployment rate in July 2017 is 3.6%, it was 4,9% in 2016. That’s a fact.

We will be at Robotworld, the South Korea robotics dedicated show next week. Please, let’s embrace new technologies for what they can bring to sustainable humankind and let’s start thinking ahead on how to implement them with such a positive purpose instead of fearing the collapse of an economic system that clearly leads to inequalities, pollution, and our self destruction.

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