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For studious readers

Robots and men, Laurence Devillers (French)


Robots and men are meant to explain from the myths and fantasies around it the artificial intelligence of robots and prepare tomorrow by proposing that these future empathetic companions follow ethical commands.

What do we want to do with these artificially intelligent and affective machines in our society? How will they transform us? Do robots promise us the best or the worst of all worlds?

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Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins, Garry Kasparov



Garry Kasparov’s 1997 chess match against the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue was a watershed moment in the history of technology. It was the dawn of a new era in artificial intelligence: a machine capable of beating the reigning human champion at this most cerebral game.

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Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars, Lex Fridman from MIT

This class is an introduction to the practice of deep learning through the applied theme of building a self-driving car. It is open to beginners and is designed for those who are new to machine learning, but it can also benefit advanced researchers in the field looking for a practical overview of deep learning methods and their application.

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For a playful approach

Mark Zuckerberg Says Elon Musk Is Drumming Up ‘Doomsday Scenarios’ About Artificial Intelligence, Kevin Lui

When artificial intelligence drives people mad. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg commented Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s skeptical remarks in a live broadcast on Sunday that he considers negative and irresponsible.

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Movie written by artificial intelligence is strange and hilarious, Amy Kraft

“Sunspring” is the science fiction short film written by Benjamin, the artificial intelligence developed by Ross Goodwin, realized for the British festival “Sci-Fi London”.

The result is surprising.

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