A little sketch of interesting readings about new challenges

A little sketch of interesting readings about new challenges

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2017 is on and with it new challenges for the robotics world! This is a bunch of books that can help to understand what’s going on:


 Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind – 2011 (Hebrew) & 2014 (English) – Yuval Noah Harari
sapiens bon


This book is the proof that even if you ask big questions, you can still find some scientific answers. Sapiens is all about the evolution of humankind from the Stone Age until now and how humanbeings rule the world.

Harari shows that it could only happen because men are able to cooperate, even as a big group, and they can because they believe in things that do not exist just like gods, money, laws, nations. These concepts are completely invented and rule the society now.

Harari says we are all living in a complete fiction, would you agree?




Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow – 2015 (Hebrew) & 2016 (English) – Yuval Noah Harari


homo deus a brief history of tomorrow


Not that far from the previous book, Homo Deus is a kind of sequel but deals with human abilities and how will be the future if any in depth. Harari reveals some theories as the threat of technologies because the humankind is replacing itself with a new generation of Homo Deus with more abilities and even eternal life.

A new vision which brings us to think about how we can find solutions for saving a sustainable humankind.




Traité de Droit et d’Ethique de Robotique Civile – January 2017 (French) – Nathalie Nevejans

traité de droit

Robots are beginning to be part of our daily life, they are now far beyond their first industrial or surgical use. People are surrounded by assistant robots, house companions, drones, selfdriving cars, it is now time to install some laws to rule the whole new society coming.

This book tries to make us think about the place of robots facing the humankind and it is quite interesting how Nevejans analyzes in a positive way the law position of robots and the benefits of the development of these new technologies in economical and social terms.

Humanbeings remain the center of preoccupation.



Droit de la robotique: Livre Blanc – October 2016 (French) – Alain Bensoussan & Symop

droit robotique livre blanc


Nowadays, companies have to deal with industrial and service robots because they are more and more confronted by autonomous machines to increase the production and benefits.

That is why this book presentes a reflection of laws’ strength and weakness and try to find solutions and recommendations to improve the legal system.


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